The future of our environment matters to us both.

That is why we’re committed to providing greener and more impactful solutions to the array 

of significant challenges for shut-in, abandoned and orphaned oil and gas wells present. 

Site restoration. Surface remediation. Emissions monitoring. Carbon-reduction consulting. General contracting and project oversight.   

In our eyes, monies aren’t being allocated for a short-term fix. 

We believe in delivering the affordable, eco-friendly solution each challenge deserves.


At New Dawn, we work diligently with companies and governments to ensure that shut-in / abandoned / orphan wells are transformed from liabilities to assets.


The unique, eco-focused proprietary approach we advocate helps to reduce a company’s carbon footprint. We also work diligently to reduce the level of contaminants in soils and water surrounding well sites.


We are committed to reclaiming the soil in and around each site that we have been asked to remediate. All remediated surface locations are reseeded with zone-specific, pure native seed mix with pollinator blend to ensure long term ecological and environmental stability.

An experienced perspective. Greener materials. And more intelligent methodologies for carbon reduction .

That’s the New Dawn EcoServices difference.


Simply plugging an abandoned or orphaned well is no longer an acceptable solution.

 More than 3 million inactive oil wells are wreaking environmental hazard across the country. 

At least half of those orphaned or abandoned wells are emitting some level of methane or other greenhouse gases (GHGs). 
Approximately, 40% of those are considered high emitting.

In almost every instance, the surface surrounding these wells need some level of reclamation and in many cases, serious reclamation. 

We are a proud, woman-owned business already affecting positive change.

Our founder

Dawn Boyter is an eco-focused industry veteran who has assembled a diverse team of experienced and respected professionals, committed to both our environment and the future of the oil and gas industry.
An experienced geologist who has spent the last 25 years working within the Oil and Gas industry in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas, Dawn is now a highly respected entrepreneur in the field. She is especially motivated to help address the challenges that orphan and abandoned wells represent, explaining the early success of her latest venture, OFX Solutions, LLC. Environmental stewardship is in Dawn’s DNA as is evidenced by the critically important fields her two adult children have successfully pursued…toxicology and reclamation ecology.
Her extensive and diverse experience also set her apart. Her acquisition responsibilities have involved reservoir analysis, volumetrics, production and decline curve analysis; her exploration experience has included regional and local mapping of geologic trends for drilling and exploitation. Her GS experience has centered on specialized software training in Petra, Corel Draw 12, PHD Win and Kingdom. Her additional training in management, leadership, communications and public speaking continues to prove invaluable.